Trrraaak! Ratatatatata trrraaaaaaak!

My eyes open wide, my heart pounds painfully in my chest, my mind starts racing, my body is shaking in its sleep. I need to make a decision, instantly. Flight or hide? Fight not being an option in this life. I sprain my ear to check, quick…

In Lebanon, as in France, corruption stands.

Longer than time itself, corruption transcends.

Photo by Ahmad Ossayli on Unsplash

She was but a beautiful, youthful presence

The line was long and full of sweaty, angry ogres

Her fragrance blew into the room

It stank of sea and sand, daringly carefree, her tampon brand

The line was…

I don’t want to keep walking, I don’t want to stop either. My mind is still, like a mind never is. It’s a roller coaster, a still, abandoned roller coaster.

It’s been 10 months now. Of joy, worry, hope, doubt. Of not caring, daydreaming, pretending, accepting. Of starting books, not…

Et oui, la French bureaucracy is just splendid in its spectacularly tentacular intertwindedness, carefully designed to consider each and every special use case — initially. Today, no one remembers why things are ainsi, just that they are — Pink form it is then!

Don’t rush to assume I’m talking about…

Picture from “The Mag Report” blog

The family was gathered in the living room, a small space compared to the dimensions of the house, but it was the room everyone settled into each day after dinner. It was also the room the kids will one day, smoke their first cigarettes in, and make other intimate excursions…

Maha Bawab Tourbah

Short. Random. Thoughts...Stories.

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